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Human Resources & Employment Practices

On a daily basis, attorneys face a similar assortment of employment-related claims as does any employer. For decades Winter|Trimacco attorneys have been at the forefront of litigating such claims, often as counsel of record in the very cases which form the basis for your disgruntled employee's claim. Whether pending before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the Civil Rights Commission , OSHA, the Bureau of Workers' Compensation, the Department of Jobs and Family Services, or another governmental agency, whether venued in state or federal court, or whether premised upon allegations of gender, race, age and/or religious discrimination, sexual harassment, or retaliation, we have fought the battle on behalf of attorneys and are prepared to guide you through the difficulties of the present to a brighter day.


Yet, as successful as Winter|Trimacco has been for decades in defending attorneys against employment-related claims, we strive to work with client-attorneys in a proactive and cost-effective manner to avoid the expense and uncertainty of such claims before they arise. We accomplish this by providing a variety of services, including the preparation of employment applications, employment contracts, employee handbooks, and counseling concerning the hiring process, performance reviews, disciplinary proceedings, terminations, and downsizing. Simply stated, and as any attorney can appreciate in this context, an ounce of prevention truly is worth a pound of cure.





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